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Guitar 101: How to Hold a Pick and Strumming for Beginners

Good guitar technique is important to achieving solid tone and attack that allows you to increase your picking speed and accuracy. A good grip on the pick will give you more control and precision in your playing, leading to a better overall sound. Here are a few tips on how to hold a guitar pick…… Read more »

Live Setup for Acoustic Bluegrass Guitar Performances

Presenting your sound in a live setting presents a unique set of challenges when being amplified through a PA. In the old days, acoustic guitars were primarily amplified directly using a microphone. This works well for acoustic ensembles, but when drums or electrified instruments are added to the mix, acoustic amplified instruments are quickly drowned…… Read more »

How to Read a Guitar Tab Sheet | Guitar 101

Reading a guitar TAB sheet is an important skill when learning guitar. In this post, I wanted to cover a basic introduction to the guitar TAB sheet and some fundamental concepts that will allow you to read most any TAB within 5 minutes. Let’s get to it! Time Signature There are several different ways to…… Read more »

Guitar Tuners: The Ultimate Guide! – Updated 2022

I often refer to guitars as “living, breathing things” because they are susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity which can affect the playability of your guitar and the ability to keep your guitar in tune. For these reasons, it’s important to have a good, solid guitar tuner for your particular musical situation. Much like…… Read more »

Beginner Slow Blues for Guitar: 4 Essential Concepts

  Do you know how it feels to play the blues? If you’ve seen a great blues guitarist perform or listened to Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson or B.B. King, you already know the feeling of blues guitar. But how does the beginner guitarist even start playing the blues? Playing the blues with feel takes dedicated…… Read more »

5 Things You Should NEVER Do With Your Acoustic Guitar

Years of playing guitar has taught me the hard way about what to do, and what NOT to do with an acoustic guitar. I believe these rules apply whether you are playing on stage or just picking at home. Primarily, these considerations are aimed at reducing wear and tear on the instrument, preventing damage and…… Read more »

16 Tempos to Accelerate Your Guitar Skills! | Guitar Lesson

Do you use a metronome when practicing guitar? Like the guitar pick and the capo, the metronome is one of the most valuable tools the guitarist has at their disposal. It provides objective feedback on tempo and timing and is a valuable tool to develop a solid sense of rhythm and timing. If you’re like…… Read more »

Which Strings are Best for Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar?

Your guitar strings are one of the biggest factors that determine the quality of the overall sound and play-ability of your acoustic guitar. Electric guitar players tend to select nickel strings in a lighter gauge that do not have a wound G string. Acoustic guitar players prefer a heavier gauge with a wound G string…… Read more »

How to Choose a Bluegrass Guitar Capo

The bluegrass guitar capo is one of the most important tools you have in your guitar case for controlling your tone. The capo allows the bluegrass picker to play out of the G position in almost any key. This gives you access open strings while soloing and flatpicking melodies at speed. Norman Blake points out…… Read more »

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