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This song is played with capo on the third fret and out of the D position which means it’s in the key of E. The chord progression for “Blue Railroad Train” uses an A – A – B – B form. When playing rhythm guitar on this tune, the form differs slightly over the lead vs lyrics verses. This song will get you soloing using the D major scale and you can use the licks you learn in this song in your lead playing.

In this video lesson, I cover the song in detail including both part A and part B of the lead section and the rhythm guitar parts. Check out the entire first part!

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Blue Railroad Train - Tony Rice - Intermediate Guitar Lesson with TAB
Blue Railroad Train - Tony Rice - Intermediate Guitar Lesson with TAB

In this video, I take an in depth look at the bluegrass flatpicking classic "Blue Railroad Train". Originally written by The Delmore Brothers, Tony Rice took this song to the next level on his 'Manzanita' album. This song is a great place to grab some sweet Tony Rice licks and turnarounds in the D position. I also cover the lead and rhythm guitar parts.