“10 Licks in the Key of G” – Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lesson with TAB


In this lesson, we're looking at 10 licks in the key of G. Six major licks and four pentatonic licks. 

Do you need more ideas for your soloing? If so, this lesson is for you. I share some soloing tips I've learned over the years both in the major and pentatonic soloing style.

Includes access to a lesson page containing over 40 minutes of streaming lesson video, two PDF tab sheets and six MP3 audio backing tracks.

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You get two MP4 video files, six MP3 audio practice tracks and two PDF tab sheets.

Lesson Preview


Part A (Major Licks) – 30:16
Part B (Pentatonic Licks) – 17:25

PDF Tab Sheet

G Major Licks.pdf
G Pentatonic Licks.pdf

Audio Backing Tracks

70 BPM – 1:18
70 BPM with Metronome – 1:18
90 BPM – 1:02
90 BPM with Metronome – 1:02
110 BPM – 0:56
110 BPM with Metronome – 0:56