“5 Patterns and Sounds of Bluegrass Guitar” | Beginner Guitar Lesson


A lesson on 5 patterns and sounds of bluegrass guitar. These techniques will be familiar to anyone that listens to bluegrass music and are common among many different instruments. They can be integrated into your current guitar skill set to make your playing sound more like bluegrass. In this lesson, I break down each technique and provide examples of how they can be integrated into your playing. The 5 techniques are:

– The G Run
– The Chuck
– Alternating Bass
– Passing Runs and Lead-In Runs
– Riffing off the Octave

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Full Lesson – 10:46

PDF Tab Sheets

– Passing Runs.pdf
– Riffing off the Octave.pdf
– G Run and C Run Examples.pdf
– Alternating Bass Examples.pdf

Lesson Preview

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