“Big Sciota” | Lesson Bundle – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – All 3 Lessons for the price of 2!


The complete 3-part lesson on the classic old-time tune “Big Sciota”. Also known as “Big Scioty”, this classic tune is considered a bluegrass guitar standard in the old-time revival repertoire and is common among other bluegrass pickers. It is named for the Scioto/Sciota (pronunciations vary) River, which flows through Ohio and empties into the Ohio River. There are countless variations of this tune that have been interpreted and recorded over the years.

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Lessons Included in the bundle:
– “Big Sciota” | Beginner Guitar Lesson with TAB
– “Big Sciota” | Intermediate Guitar Lesson with TAB
– “Big Sciota” | Advanced Guitar Lesson with TAB

You will receive the full lesson videos for each lesson page, PDF Tab Sheets and a TEF Tab File.

You’ll get streaming access to 7 MP4 video files, 6 MP3 audio practice tracks (3 with metronome), three PDF tab sheet and one TEF tab file. This lesson also includes SoundSlice Player integration so you can slow down, pause and rewind the melody in real time with the tab!

Beginner Lesson Preview

Beginner Videos (Streaming)

Part A – 11:36
Part B – 10:10
Rhythm & Chords – 7:10

Intermediate Videos (Streaming)

Part A – 10:31
Part B – 9:09
Rhythm & Chords – 7:10

Advanced Videos (Streaming)

Part A – 11:03
Part B – 11:11
Rhythm & Chords – 7:10

PDF Tab Sheets (Streaming and Download)

– “Big Sciota Beginner”.PDF
– “Big Sciota Intermediate”.PDF
– “Big Sciota Advanced”.PDF

TEF Tab Files (Download)

– “Big Sciota Beginner”.TEF
– “Big Sciota Intermediate”.TEF
– “Big Sciota Advanced”.TEF
(Use this file with TablEdit or TEFview.)

Audio Backing Tracks – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (Streaming and Download)

60 BPM – 5:35
60 BPM with Metronome – 5:35
80 BPM – 5:49
80 BPM with Metronome – 5:49
100 BPM – 5:21
100 BPM with Metronome – 5:21