Billy in the Low Ground – Intermediate Guitar Lesson


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Hillbilly recordings from the 1920s-1930s, field recordings from the late 1930s to the present, and records from recent decades of “Old Timey” music, contest fiddling, and bluegrass performances provide numerous examples of this popular traditional tune.

This tune makes great use of the C major scale in the open position.

Lesson Preview


Part A – 15:31
Part B – 11:26
Rhythm – 7:19


Billy in the Low Ground.pdf
Billy in the Low Ground.tef

Audio Backing Tracks

50 BPM – 3:23
50 BPM with Metronome – 3:23
70 BPM – 4:22
70 BPM with Metronome – 4:22
85 BPM – 7:05
85 BPM with Metronome – 7:05
120 BPM – 1:32
120 BPM with Metronome – 1:32