An absolute classic. Doc Watson revisited this song in his repertoire playing it often at his live shows. There is a great version of this song on the Doc and Merle Watson live album “Doc Watson on Stage”.

This tune is played fast (140 bpm)! It also has a cool Doc Watson run at the end that you can use in your soloing.

Looking to increase your crosspicking speed? Then definitely check this one out.


You get two HD MP4 videos, eight MP3 backing tracks and one PDF tab sheet.


Part A – 9:33
Part B – 7:06

PDF Tab Sheets

Brown’s Ferry Blues.pdf

MP3 Audio Backing Tracks

80 BPM: 1:00
80 BPM with Metronome: 1:00
100 BPM: 0:46
100 BPM with Metronome: 0:46
120 BPM: 0:40
120 BPM with Metronome: 0:40
140 BPM: 0:38
140 BPM with Metronome: 0:38

Lesson Preview