“Manzanita” | Tony Rice Style – Intermediate/Advanced Guitar Lesson with TAB


With more detail and improvements to this lesson than ever before, we dive into every aspect of this tune in detail: Part A, B and the chords. If you ever wanted to learn Manzanita, my hope is that this lesson will give you everything you need to know to have a complete understanding, rhythm and lead, of this great tune.

The A part for this tune is in 12/8 time and in the key of Dm. The B part moves to a straight 4/4 time giving this song a unique sound and vibe. Using an AAB chord form, it also has a longer chord structure than most traditional bluegrass songs with each section containing 5 bars of notes. I also cover the unique Wyatt Rice version of the chord progression in detail in the Rhythm & Chords section of the lesson.

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You get four MP4 video files, six (6) MP3 audio practice tracks (three (3) with metronome), two (2) PDF tab sheets and a two (2) TEF tab files.

Lesson Preview


Part A-1 – 17:31
Part A-2 – 12:57
Part B – 20:29
Rhythm & Chords – 13:11

PDF Tab Sheets

Manzanita 12-8 Part A.pdf
Manzanita 4-4 Part B.pdf

TEF Tab File

Manzanita 12-8 Part A.tef
Manzanita 4-4 Part B.tef
(Use this file with TablEdit or TEFview.)

Audio Backing Tracks

110 BPM – 3:26
110 BPM with Metronome – 3:26
90 BPM – 4:00
90 BPM with Metronome – 4:00
70 BPM – 5:24
70 BPM with Metronome – 5:24