Get the complete “Randall Collins” lesson video, PDF Tab Sheet & MP3 Backing Tracks!

This is one of my all-time favorite songs to play and sing. It has a great intro melody line that captures that signature Norman Blake sound. This tune has a few different versions. In this lesson, we look at the capo 3 version played out of the Em chord position.

We also break down in detail the intro melody section in the style of Norman Blake. You can also use this melody to create your own solos. We go over how to play the rhythm part including chromatic runs going into the D and A chords. This is a great tune to add to your set list.

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You get three MP4 video files, six (6) MP3 audio practice tracks (three (3) with metronome), PDF tab sheet, TEF tab file and a PDF chords & lyrics sheet.

Lesson Preview


Part 1 – 15:20
Part 2 – 14:01
Rhythm – 8:00

PDF Tab Sheet

Randall Collins.pdf

PDF Chords & Lyrics Sheet (New!)

Randall Collins Chords & Lyrics.pdf

TEF Tab File

Load this file into your favorite tab editor.
Randall Collins.tef

Audio Backing Tracks

100 BPM – 2:55
100 BPM with Metronome – 2:55
90 BPM – 2:50
90 BPM with Metronome – 2:50
80 BPM – 2:24
80 BPM with Metronome – 2:24

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