“Slow Train Through Georgia” – Blake Style Hybrid Picking Bluegrass Guitar Lesson with TAB


A lesson on the classic Norman Blake style tune “Slow Train Through Georgia” which uses a unique hybrid style picking technique. This style of picking has been used guitar greats over the years like Tony Rice and Clarence White. In this lesson, we take a deep dive into this unique style of picking and explore how one simple claw move can be used throughout the entire tune. We’ll learn the A part, B part and the rhythm backup for this tune so you can learn both the lead and the backup parts.

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You get streaming access to four (4) MP4 video files, four (4) MP3 audio practice tracks (two (2) with metronome), one PDF tab sheet and one TEF tab file. This lesson also includes SoundSlice Player integration so you can slow down, pause and rewind the transition run and the solo for this song in real time with the tab!

Lesson Preview

Videos (Streaming)

Part A – 13:07
Part A2 – 7:21
Part B – 10:06
Chords & Rhythm – 5:12

PDF Tab Sheets (Streaming and Download)

– Slow Train Through Georgia.PDF

TEF Tab Files (Download)

– Slow Train Through Georgia.TEF
(Use this file with TablEdit or TEFview.)

Audio Backing Tracks (Streaming and Download)

50 BPM – 5:04
50 BPM with Metronome – 5:04
60 BPM – 5:21
60 BPM with Metronome – 5:21