The ‘G Run’ – Beginner Bluegrass Guitar Lesson


In this lesson, we’re looking at the most famous lick in all of bluegrass – the ‘G Run’. Maybe you know of it, maybe you use it all the time. We break down this famous guitar run from the beginning and look at different examples from great pickers over the years – Del Mccoury, Tony Rice, Doc Watson and Norman Blake.

The ‘G Run’ is a great way to ‘Bluegrassify’ your playing. It can be used in a rhythm and a lead context and can be played many different ways. I include the tab for each version and also dive into how to build solos out of these runs. Learn the different versions of this run and improve your soloing!

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You get two MP4 video files, six MP3 audio practice tracks, PDF tab sheet, and a TEF tab file.

Lesson Preview


Part 1 – 14:25
Part 2 – 16:49

PDF Tab Sheet

The G Run – 6 Variations.pdf

TEF Tab File (New!)

Load this file into your favorite tab editor.
The G Run – 6 Variations.tef

Audio Backing Tracks

120 BPM – 1:17
120 BPM with Metronome – 1:17
100 BPM – 1:32
100 BPM with Metronome – 1:32
80 BPM – 1:54
80 BPM with Metronome – 1:54